Flag activity from suspicious locations

Leverage this new fraud signal to recognize repeat offenders and links between fraudulent behavior with apartment-level location

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    Spot systematic account creation
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    Reveal organized ATO attempts
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    Detect a density of suspicious devices

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How we do it

Incognia analyzes a specific location size to determine whether it contains a density of devices exhibiting suspicious behavior. These devices may be flagged by Incognia for device integrity issues, such as rooting or app tampering, or they may have been involved with previous fraudulent activity. Teams will be alerted to relationships between devices and accounts that had previously gone undetected.


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Suspicious Location

  • High-density location
  • Environment flagged for fraud
  • App tampering

Trusted Location

  • GPS spoofing not detected
  • Application from the official store
Feature Brief

Suspicious Locations

Incognia is highly effective in detecting locations with repeated fraudulent behavior, like fraud rings. The feature alerts fraud and risk teams when:

  • clusters of high-risk devices accessing their app are concentrated in a micro-location, like a small apartment or room
  • a device connects from a location that has been previously associated with confirmed fraudulent activity

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