Account Takeover Prevention

Real-time detection of use of stolen identities

Reduce ATO with advanced fraud prevention using location behavior biometrics and device intelligence.

  • Reduce ATO

    Reduce ATO

  • Frictionless account security_2

    Reduce friction

  • Fraud

    Reduce fraud

Incognia Phone
  • Reduce ATO rate

    Identify use of stolen credentials before account takeover

    • Recognize trusted customers based on location behavior
    • Detect anomalies in user behavior and device characteristics
  • Reduce friction for trusted users

    Stop fraudsters, not customers, accessing accounts

    • Works silently in the background, requiring no action by users
    • Provides continuous risk assessment 
  • Reduce fraud

    Detect emulated or compromised devices and device spoofing

    • Identity fraudulent devices and fraud farms
    • Detect device anomalies 
Case Study

Fintech reduces ATO on mobile wallet by 53%

  • 79%

    of users automatically verified

  • 53%

    reduction in account takeovers

  • 0.5%

    false positive rate

  • 2.6X


Frictionless risk-based authentication

Keep fraudsters out and let customers in.

Incognia provides dynamic, adaptive risk-based authentication to help companies secure mobile users and prevent account takeover.

Adding no friction, Incognia works silently in the background to build a location behavioral patter, unique to each user. It works like a location fingerprint, that is dynamic and continually updating. Incognia continuously searches for anomalies in user location behavioral patterns and device characteristics.

When a fraudster attempts to access an account using stolen credentials that don't match the device of user location behavior history, Incognia will deliver a higher risk score if the location and device fingerprints do not match.

  • User attempts login

    User attempts login

    The user enters login credentials.

  • Device is checked

    Device is checked

    Incognia checks the user’s device for emulation or spoofing and delivers risk score.

  • Location is checked

    Location is checked

    Incognia matches the user’s current location with the user's location behavior history to assess risk and delivers risk score.

Insights & Analytics

Location and Device Intelligence

We make it easy to view and access risk assessment details, with supporting reason codes, in summary and detailed view dashboards.

    • icon-high-level-summary

      Summary and detailed views of risk assessments

    • icon-export

      Export feature for in-depth reporting

    • icon-detailed-view

      API integration with any risk engine

    Dashboard overview
  • Device
  • Location
Designed for developers

Fast SDK Integration & Easy to Use APIs

We provide a lightweight mobile SDK and intuitive APIs to make it easy for you to add location and device intelligence to risk assessments throughout the user journey.

  • icon-instant-value-incognia

    Integrate in minutes using our integration wizard

  • icon-easy-integration-incognia

    Work with well-structured and easy to understand API responses

  • icon-user-privacy

    Test in monitor-only mode and view results on the dashboards

Incognia SDK Integration
Case Study

Frictionless Authentication & Fraud Prevention

Saiba como a Incognia ajudou uma fintech a diminuir a fricção no login de usuários confiáveis e, ao mesmo tempo, reduziu o roubo de conta.

Solution Brief

Account Takeover Prevention

Constantemente mapeamos os locais visitados pelos usuários para criar o padrão da biometria comportamental, única para cada usuário.

Blog Post

Synthetic Identity Fraud [What You Need to Know]

Synthetic identity fraud is fueled by data breaches and stolen credentials. Behavioral biometrics offers the best defense against synthetic identity fraud.

Start using private location awareness in your app.